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Bespoke Ingenuity

Helping you organize your business

and standardise processes,

therefore maximizing efficiency. 

Personal Scheduling Session

Making the most of your time - let's plan your week.

What I can do for you


Personal Scheduling Session

Need some help planning your week so you have time for everything, including your personal life? I'll help you prioritize your tasks, plan and organize them well, so you can enjoy having less stress and more time for what really matters to you.

2 x 1 hr session - online or in person 


Organisational Revolution

A long term collaboration adapted to your business' needs. I'm your boss for 1,5 to 4 months and organize your business' operations. Together we go through the changes in your business making it the most effective collaboration.

Different variants available depending on your needs.


Workload Management Workshop

A complex change in attitude towards business management through introducing appropriate techniques and tools for business and personal organisation.  


The long term effects: 

- optimizing work time, 

- minimizing backlog of tasks,

- increasing personal productivity,

- increase of income through identification and analysis of costs.


My name is Flawia, and I am an organisational coach. I have over a decade’s experience in hospitality, having started at the bottom and risen to management in a few short years. I am here to help you reach a new level of organisation in your business, which will allow you to focus on the bigger picture for the future of your operation and enjoy having more time for yourself. 


I use my systems of organisation as a key to unlock my full potential and achieve the goals I set for myself. I always have several projects on the go, using my method allows me to balance working full time with studying and my other interests on the side. 


Having developed some of these processes myself and continuously learning about new and different methods of efficient planning and working, I am ready to share these skills with you to help you achieve your own goals. 


We do this by efficient planning, standardising processes and introducing workload management to your business, so you become the manager/owner that you've always wanted to be rather than the least paid (and most stressed!) worker in your own business. 


Let me help you solve your problems and set up processes, so you enjoy proven results for years to come. 


If you'd like to have a wee chat and see how I can help you, please e-mail me to book a free consultation. 

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I've known and worked with Flawia for 6 years in hospitality. Throughout that time she is always focused and positive. The most hard working person I've met. Is good at looking for new effective and efficient ways of working. An effortless ideas person. Has helped me with many hard situations, organising systems to training staff to a high standard. Leads by example. Friendly and joy to be in the same room with.


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