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Workload Management Workshop

About the event


The aim of this workshop is a complex change in attitude towards business management through introducing appropriate techniques and tools for business and personal organisation.  


The long term effect after the workshop is: 

- optimizing work time, 

- minimizing backlog of tasks in a week and month, 

- increasing personal productivity as the owner and efficiency of the employees, 

- increase of income through identification and analysis of costs, 

- minimizing problems with suppliers by introducing Suppliers Document.  


Introducing Google Calendar as a tool to create a template week and month for different roles within the business.  


The only time the price of the course will be so low, future editions will be more expensive, so don't miss your chance!


Plan of the workshop:


PART I - Intro

PART II - Building your Command Centre

PART III - Creating Standards and understanding their importance

PART IV - Google Calendar - create your weekly template and plan according to golden rules of planning

PART V - Google Docs - how to use them effectively

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